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Paleo Banana Pancakes

This morning I came across a very simple recipe for Paleo Banana Pancakes. I had just woken up, ready for breakfast and browsing my news feed when I found this recipe. I amended it slightly as I wasn’t keen on the total amount, but by saying the recipe was simple, I mean it!

2x Bananas (past ripe is a lot easier)
2x Eggs
Pinch salt
Tsp cinnamon.

Mash the bananas and add the other ingredients. Whisk up to make a batter. Heat a frying pan on a moderate heat (a good non-stick pan is best, otherwise use a bit of oil), and spoon out the mix. My mixture made three pancakes (small and thick, American style). They don’t take long to cook at all, and taste delicious. I had them as they came out, but you can add bits and bobs to make them a little more tasty (take a look here).

The key is to fry them fully one side at a time. As they do not bind incredibly well, fry one side fully and then flip, quickly, to the other. If you turn too early, chances are your pancakes will fall apart, and although they still taste the same, they don’t look great.

The healthy ingredients and they have kept me satisfied for quite a while and seeing as this took very little time, I think I will try it again!

Assuming cinnamon and salt in the store cupboard, the cost of that breakfast was 80p from Asda, something to look forward to in the future!

Ingredients Cost
Eggs  40p
Bananas  40p


Top 10 Questions Asked by Beginning Runners | Complete Running Network

Following on from my “5 Crucial Mistakes” post yesterday, I came across this from the Complete Running Network. Designed as an FAQ, this is great to answer all those little questions for newbies starting out running.

I am under no illusion of my limitations, and pushing those back each time I workout is my one real target. However, realistic aspirations and goals from someone who knows running is a great way of taking stock and determining how far I have come, and have to go.

Top 10 Questions Asked by Beginning Runners | Complete Running Network.

How To Determine Your Perfect Workout Plan

“How to Determine Your PERFECT Workout Plan”

I haven’t told a lot of people about my masterplan to lose weight and get fit, specifically for my November target. However, those who I  have told range across the spectrum. There are the Insanity inductees, those who run (a lot), those who hit the weights daily and those who do even less than I do. However, with all the differences, there is one thing which they all have in common.

Each person has an opinion as to why their plan is the perfect workout plan.

Whether they are asking what phase I am on, or how it is going, conversation very quickly turns to advice as to how it can be improved. While opinions are always useful, and welcome, sometimes it is difficult to explain that while Insanity is good, I don’t have time or space at home; or that weights, while useful, are not a good fit for my workout.

Each person has a plan which fits for them, some people spend 3 hours a day on the rolling staircase at the gym (Truth, I’ve seen them), some push themselves to the limits on the bench press, others simply swim to encourage mental fitness over physical.

I have found a decent fit for me, for now at least. I leave the gym dripping in sweat, out of breath and need ten minutes to cool down outside afterwards. It certainly feels like I am doing well. As my distance and speed increase, I will see real results which are quantifiable, which is what suits me and my statistical nature.

It is important to determine your perfect workout plan yourself. If it fits with something else already, then great. However, if it needs a little tweaking, then find the time to do that.


Workout Six

Workout Six

29th May 2013 / 00:50 / Workplace Gym / Indoor Treadmill

After yesterday’s pre-shift workout at 1am, the benefits mentally of exercise were proven to me and the time has come to do it again! Starting work at 03:30, the gym is peaceful beforehand and the chance is prime to allow the exercise to soak my brain in oxygenated blood and to energise my body for a night shift.

Amazing what the difference is in 30 seconds, the extension of each of the phases of my training by 30 seconds has had the effect of making me feel like I am starting all over again! In comparison my training has changed as follows in total:

Week 1: 8 Minutes total jogging, 12 minutes total walking

Week 2: 9 Minutes total jogging, 12 minutes total walking.

Although when written down, the difference is only one minute, in practice it makes all the difference! Total repetitions are reduced by two, so that one minute is spread out less,  jogging intervals are increased by 30 seconds each time. Tiring though it was, hopefully by the third workout in this phase I will be comfortable enough to move to the next phase.

My workout was:

5 minutes – Brisk warmup walk.
21 minutes – Alternate 90 seconds jogging / 120 seconds walking.
5 minutes – Cool down.

Total Time: 31 Minutes

Statistics – Workout Six

Distance 3.55km Total Distance 13.10km
Time 31.00 mins Total Time 123.00 mins
Calories 528kCal Total Calories 2085kCal
Average Speed 6.87km/h Average Pace 8.43min/km