Workout One

Workout One – Running

23rd May 2013 / 14:19 / Bannatynes Gym, Ayr / Indoor Treadmill

Workout one was difficult to say the least. It made me realise all the more how unfit I am and how much work I have to do. I started off in the gym. I am a member of Bannatynes, and while Duncan himself takes a lot of patience, their gyms are exceptional. All equipment that you would ever want, as well as a glorious swimming pool, sauna, steam room and clean and tidy changing rooms. I took my place on the treadmill.

My workout was:

5 minutes – Brisk warmup walk.
20 minutes – Alternate 60 seconds jogging / 90 seconds walking.
5 minutes – Cool down.

Total Time: 30 Minutes

I did it all on the treadmill, it is a lot easier for timing, and speed control. However, I know from past experience that speed control is a lot easier outdoors, where you can find the sweet spot. However, for now, I will stick with the stringent numbers… at least I can see them counting down to my next walking portion!

After about 10 minutes of the workout portion I started to struggle. I was not physically sick but I felt like it! However, I kept plugging through, and finished. Right now, I ache all over, legs, arms and stomach are the worst. I know, however, that the next one will be better.

Statistics – Workout One

Distance 3.00km Total Distance 3.00km
Time 30.00 mins Total Time 30.00 mins
Calories 511kCal Total Calories 511kCal
Average Speed 6km/h Average Pace 10min/km

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