Workout Two

Workout Two – Swimming

24th May 2013 / 13:15 / Bannatynes Gym, Ayr / Swimming Pool

For a relaxing day to stretch out my muscles from yesterdays beginning, I hit the pool today. I went through a period of swimming most days, so have a pretty decent stroke and stamina in the pool.

I originally intended to do only half hour today. However, mid swim I decided that I was more eager to reach 1km. I used to manage 1km in thirty minutes at a steady breaststroke, but taking it a little more easily today, I realised I wasn’t going to hit that target. As thirty minutes passed by, I was on 900m, and decided that I would continue for another fifteen minutes, not really to “push” myself but to make up that extra calorie count.

Statistics – Workout Two

Distance 1.30km Total Distance 1.30km
Time 45.00 mins Total Time 45.00 mins
Calories 777kCal Total Calories 777kCal
Average Speed 1.73km/h Average Pace 34.6min/km

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