For anyone and everyone who uses Endomondo, Nike+, Runkeeper, FitBit, Foursquare, Mapmyfitness, Garmin Connect, BodyMedia Fit or Omron, I suggest taking a look at Earndit.

EarndIt Logo

This site connects up to your exercise profiles and rewards you for simply doing what you already do! I only know of Endo, but for this it reads your GPS workouts to assign reward points.

You can earn a maximum of 60 reward points per day, and can earn them across these activities:

  1. Foot – 10 / mile
  2. Bike – 3 / mile
  3. Skate – 6 / mile
  4. Paddle – 7 / mile
  5. Skateboard – 6 / mile

You can also earn by bragging and sharing on Facebook, or referring others.

Rewards wise, these are highly centred on the USA, with some online or international bits. They include healthy food, supplements, kit, online programmes, clothing and a few other bits and bobs. However, the biggest draw for me is the donations to charity. Simply my connecting my Endo account to EarndIt, I can earn points and redeem them for charity, simply by doing what I already do.

Worth a look, doesn’t cost a penny and seems like win-win!


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