Workout Five

Workout Five

28th May 2013 / 01:01 / Workplace Gym / Indoor Treadmill

This was the final step in this phase of interval training, before ramping up next week. I have stayed on the treadmill throughout this phase, and probably will do for the next one or two, at least until I find my feet.

The hardest part about this workout was the time of the day. My job requires me to continue a 6/4 cycle of shifts, seeing two mornings, two afternoons (or days) and two nights. The whole night ranges from 2230 to 0730, but rarely do we do the whole thing. This means, days like today, where I start work at 0300. Usually I try to grab a bit of sleep before I start, then quick shower before kicking off. However, I have experimented with sleeping during the day, then staying up, getting to the gym and allowing a bit of exercise to wake me up.

Overall I feel OK, but I am writing this before I start work so the truth is yet to be seen. What I do know is that if it works out well, I will continue with this plan, as the gym in the middle of the night is so very peaceful!

My workout was:

5 minutes – Brisk warmup walk.
20 minutes – Alternate 60 seconds jogging / 90 seconds walking.
5 minutes – Cool down.

Total Time: 30 Minutes

Statistics – Workout Five

Distance 3.45km Total Distance 9.55km
Time 31.00 mins Total Time 92.00 mins
Calories 528kCal Total Calories 1557kCal
Average Speed 6.68km/h Average Pace 8.59min/km

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