Workout Six

Workout Six

29th May 2013 / 00:50 / Workplace Gym / Indoor Treadmill

After yesterday’s pre-shift workout at 1am, the benefits mentally of exercise were proven to me and the time has come to do it again! Starting work at 03:30, the gym is peaceful beforehand and the chance is prime to allow the exercise to soak my brain in oxygenated blood and to energise my body for a night shift.

Amazing what the difference is in 30 seconds, the extension of each of the phases of my training by 30 seconds has had the effect of making me feel like I am starting all over again! In comparison my training has changed as follows in total:

Week 1: 8 Minutes total jogging, 12 minutes total walking

Week 2: 9 Minutes total jogging, 12 minutes total walking.

Although when written down, the difference is only one minute, in practice it makes all the difference! Total repetitions are reduced by two, so that one minute is spread out less,  jogging intervals are increased by 30 seconds each time. Tiring though it was, hopefully by the third workout in this phase I will be comfortable enough to move to the next phase.

My workout was:

5 minutes – Brisk warmup walk.
21 minutes – Alternate 90 seconds jogging / 120 seconds walking.
5 minutes – Cool down.

Total Time: 31 Minutes

Statistics – Workout Six

Distance 3.55km Total Distance 13.10km
Time 31.00 mins Total Time 123.00 mins
Calories 528kCal Total Calories 2085kCal
Average Speed 6.87km/h Average Pace 8.43min/km

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