Paleo Banana Pancakes

This morning I came across a very simple recipe for Paleo Banana Pancakes. I had just woken up, ready for breakfast and browsing my news feed when I found this recipe. I amended it slightly as I wasn’t keen on the total amount, but by saying the recipe was simple, I mean it!

2x Bananas (past ripe is a lot easier)
2x Eggs
Pinch salt
Tsp cinnamon.

Mash the bananas and add the other ingredients. Whisk up to make a batter. Heat a frying pan on a moderate heat (a good non-stick pan is best, otherwise use a bit of oil), and spoon out the mix. My mixture made three pancakes (small and thick, American style). They don’t take long to cook at all, and taste delicious. I had them as they came out, but you can add bits and bobs to make them a little more tasty (take a look here).

The key is to fry them fully one side at a time. As they do not bind incredibly well, fry one side fully and then flip, quickly, to the other. If you turn too early, chances are your pancakes will fall apart, and although they still taste the same, they don’t look great.

The healthy ingredients and they have kept me satisfied for quite a while and seeing as this took very little time, I think I will try it again!

Assuming cinnamon and salt in the store cupboard, the cost of that breakfast was 80p from Asda, something to look forward to in the future!

Ingredients Cost
Eggs  40p
Bananas  40p


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