Weekly Weigh In

Weigh In

A good starting week, seeing a decrease in all of the numbers. A good 3lb loss for week one is especially nice to see, especially as I haven’t really changed my diet!

Start Weight (Kgs) Start Weight (Lbs) Start Weight (St)
113.62 250.5 17St 12.5lbs
Current Weight (Kgs) Current Weight (Lbs) Current Weight (St)
112.26 247.5 17St 9.5lbs
-1.36 kgs -3 lbs -3 lbs
Start THIGH Start Waist Start CHEST
73 cm 124 cm 117 cm
Current THIGH Current Waist Current CHEST
73 cm 123 cm 114 cm
0.00 -1 cm -3 cm
Start BMI 36.97
Current BMI 36.45
Change -0.52

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