7 Time-Wasting Mistakes You’re Making at the Gym

Popsugar Fitness have posted on how to make a workout really worthwhile. It is really easy to get lulled into being lazy at the gym, especially when your gym, like mine, is more of a “health club”. The exclusive nature, the relaxed and friendly staff and the high standard of facilities means that sitting back, and enjoying a drink in the cafe or cutting short your workout to sit in the sauna are easy habits to fall into.

The key is remembering that your gym is a place for exercise, and stick to exercise when you can. If you are on a rest day, by all means take a seat in the cafe, enjoy a relaxing drink or spend an afternoon in the pool and spa. However, on those days which you have set aside to workout, then do so. As the habit of relaxing is like any other habit, it will start off being an occasional indulgence and rapidly descend into a normal routine.

The same goes for socializing. Even if you don’t know anybody in your gym to start off with, the more time you visit, the more often you will see the same faces. To start off with, you will drop the occasional hello, and before long it is easy to slip into ten minute conversations with your compatriots regarding your workout plan and performance. While the chances are that your conversations will be exercise related, they do have the same effect of reducing your heart rate, and should be avoided!

Popsugar have a few other things to avoid, and it is worth looking at it all!


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