The 20-Second Beast Mode Berserker Challenge | Nerd Fitness

Activate Beast Mode

While I am exceptionally nerdy, the thought of “Beast Mode” or “Berserker” mode stretches well beyond simple fantasy and sci-fi. I know from my own experience that building up the courage to do something is difficult and a seemingly insurmountable problem. For me, it could be taking off my T-shirt on the beach, stepping onto the treadmill, signing up for an exercise class, or stepping in the pool when there are others nearby.

I am very rational, to the point that occasionally I appear emotionless, and I know that everything that I listed above is a nonsense thought process which is to be disregarded. However, there is that niggling thought constantly ever present which puts me off all of these things. The irony is that if I had overcome these confidence issues earlier, I would have dealt with the issue earlier. Instead, I held off, increased in weight and size, and allowed my confidence to drop even further.

Electrical Switch
Turn on Beast Mode

Today is a different day, however. After reading this 20-Second Beast Mode Berserker Challenge from Nerd Fitness, I have the drive to do that little bit more. The application is simple, whenever you find yourself slipping inside your shell, shying away from something due to lack of confidence, then flip that switch in your mind or play an uplifting tune, and activate Beast Mode. Becoming a Berserker for only 20 seconds is a nice short period of time to manage, but sufficiently long to engage you in whatever you are doing, pushing you that little further.

Many characters had their version of Beast Mode, from TV, games and films. The key is to find what works for you to activate that mode. It may be a particularly uplifting song (for me it’s this one),

A motivational thought,

Bikini Body

Or anything else which sets you off. Just find something to flick that switch and use it to push outside your comfort zone.

The 20-Second Beast Mode Berserker Challenge | Nerd Fitness.


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