Workout Eight

Workout Eight

6th June 2013 / 22:24 / Workplace Gym / Indoor Treadmill

Following on from Sunday’s workout, I decided that on Monday I was feeling a little bit rough, so spent 40 minutes on the cross trainer. I personally feel that should be classed as “A Bad Thing”. Whether it was the change in gait, or switching from my legs lifting me to pushing down the pads, the morning after, I hurt. A lot.

Enough pain that only tonight do I feel like I can exercise again without doing myself even more damage. I did hear the words “No pain, no gain” and “Just run it off” for the previous two days where I did nothing, but rationally I knew that it was best to hold off and have a good return workout, rather than one which I abort and then lose interest and ability for a week.

Tonight’s return was overall, difficult. On Sunday morning I relaxed the pace a little so that I  could be sure of finishing, which is something I echoed tonight. I have to remember that even though I really want to succeed, it is better for me to finish each workout continuously rather than push myself and have to stop for a rest, or even worse, altogether.

Having a few days off and still shaking off the issues with my legs, tonight was difficult, as to be expected. However, I persevered and managed to complete the workout without breaking for a rest.

My workout was:

5 minutes – Brisk warmup walk.
21 minutes – Alternate 90 seconds jogging / 120 seconds walking.
5 minutes – Cool down.

Total Time: 31 Minutes

Statistics – Workout Eight

Distance 3.45km Total Distance 20.15km
Time 31.00 mins Total Time 187.00 mins
Calories 528kCal Total Calories 3178kCal
Average Speed 6.68km/h Average Pace 8.59min/km

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