Weekly Weigh In

Weigh In

Friday 7th June 2013

Second week still showing positive results. Although the loss was a little less this week, I am putting that down to not really sticking to my daily / alternate day plan of exercise. I work a 6/4 cycle, and only really exercise on my work days. Therefore out of every 10, I exercise up to 6 times. This is great if my weigh day falls at the end of my work cycle. However, if, like this week, I end up losing a few days due to injury, it can reduce the loss.

However… I am happy! Maintaining a steady rate is good for me, and I have still not really adjusted my diet!

Start Weight (Kgs) Start Weight (Lbs) Start Weight (St)
113.62 250.5 17St 12.5lbs
Current Weight (Kgs) Current Weight (Lbs) Current Weight (St)
111.47 245.75 17St 7.75lbs
-0.79 kgs
-2.15 kgs
-1.75 lbs
-4.75 lbs
-1.75 lbs
Start Waist Start CHEST
73 cm 124 cm 117 cm
Current THIGH Current Waist Current CHeST
72 cm 122 cm 114 cm
-1 cm
-1 cm
-1 cm
-2 cm
-0 cm
-3 cm
Start BMI 36.97
Current BMI 36.15
Change -0.30

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