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Ready for some feels?

It is important to realise what you can and can’t change, and where (or when) you can make an effect. Too often we regret past decisions, or look to the future, but never actually consider what we can do now to change a less than perfect situation.

I have managed to avoid ranting until now, but unfortunately, now is the time. Nowadays, the Facebook and Twitter generation have such a strong feeling of entitlement. It is by no means everyone, but almost daily, my news feed is soaked in pitiful nonsense where somebody has identified that their less than perfect life is the result of something out of their control. Newsflash, it isn’t.

Your job is rubbish because you didn’t show up to the other interview, you have never worked hard and this is all that you deserve. Your boyfriend is an idiot because you are too scared to be alone so you don’t break up with him. Some people seem to have more luck than others because they put themselves out there to make the luck.

Every single one of these things can be changed BY YOU  to make a difference. Looking at health and fitness, some people do have more efficient metabolisms, and they seem to be able to keep the weight off and the fitness up without huge amounts of effort. This may first of all seem unfair. In some eyes, it is. However, if you get up and work hard to improve your situation, exercise, healthy eating and a general clean life is well within your reach. I know for a fact that for the first five years of my relationship with my partner, that she could eat pretty much anything and remain a slip of nothing. I ate the same and stacked on the pounds. It was hard, but time is a great stabilizer, and now, we are both in the same situation, where we both need to exercise to keep the weight off. *** Admittedly, I have much further to go, and need to actively lose a significant amount of weight, but my achievement when I reach my goal will be all the more precious.

It is important to ask yourself “What can I do?” when you have feelings of negativity. By switching your thought process from “This is unfair” to “I can solve this”, you can grow as a person and live a much richer life in the process. Websites such as Daily Feats are a great way to identify room for improvement, and allow you to find what you can do today to make things all the more better.


*** EDIT: Let me just clarify, my partner only lost her ability to eat what she liked with no repercussions when she gave birth to my son! He certainly has a lot to answer for!

Yesterday, Tomorrow, Today. | Nerd Fitness.


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