How to Meet People Through Fitness – Nerd Fitness

This Nerd Fitness article tells you all about how to gain friends and find people who you can relate to more. However, the importance of friends and associates when trying to get fit is pretty important to remember.

First of all, a group of people who know what you are trying to achieve puts pressure on you to succeed. They don’t need to say anything, or offer any advice, just simply knowing that they know helps you towards a second thought when considering skipping a workout or eating fast food. The self imposed pressure that you will tell these friends, colleagues, milkmen etc simply pushes you away from poorer decisions.

The second reason is advise and assistance. Funnily enough, in today’s consumer society, a lot of people struggle with fitness. Others may succeed a lot faster, but it is important to realize that many more people than you think are going through the same thing. These people may be in your group of friends. Tips and advice from others on how to stick to a workout regime, how to avoid sugars and how to perform to the best of your ability are easily found. For example, I have heard many tips from others about avoiding bad eating habits. Feeling a sweet craving? Try keeping a splash of vanilla essence on your wrist and inhaling. Or alternatively, a pickled onion does take away many cravings. Worried about portion control? Write down everything you eat, or get a smaller plate. These tips and hints help you realise you are not alone, and hearing them makes you more invested in success, stepping back to the first point in the process.

Finally, there is the reality that you may actually let someone down by your failure. If you have a gym buddy and make arrangements, you are a lot more likely to stick to them than if there is nobody else involved. Support groups, whether online or offline, are a great place to meet others and get a feeling for why you need to succeed. Nothing is worse than being the only person in a group who has prevented a 100% winning weigh in week.
Alternatively, you can let yourself down. Make a bet with someone else, then there is a financial aspect to your victory. Make a bet with yourself, set yourself a target, and if you succeed, buy something you really want. It is important to recognise that everyone slips, and that is not a failure, but success only comes to those who deserve it, and when fighting against yourself, it is easy to translate success in a different way.

Groups of people are important, if you are challenging yourself to succeed in anything, see how you can involve others to help you along.

How to Meet People Through Fitness | Nerd Fitness.


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