15 Steps To Becoming A Runner | FitSugar.com

I realise I missed national running day (for the USA, anyway). However, FitSugar have come up with a great list for beginner runners to look through in order to help them succeed.

I have already taken a lot of the tips onboard, from simply searching for things to post about on here, however, having a list is useful.

Kicking off the listing is investment in shoes. I would personally love some Nike Shox. I have tried them on, they are amazingly comfortable, and simply trying them out, they fit my gait perfectly.

Nike Shox

Hand in hand with some good shoes is preparedness, making sure you are prepared is vital for success. If you are going on the treadmill, do you have access whenever you need it? If you are going outside, is your route safe? Do you even know where you are going? Sites like Endomondo and WalkJogRun can help you find a good route near you, or you can plot your own.

The article has some good portions on best practice, speed control and fuelling, as well as goals, strategy and form. For anyone just starting out like I am, it is very much worth a read!

15 Steps To Becoming A Runner | FitSugar.com


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