How to Live a Life Worth Living | Nerd Fitness

It is very easy to plod through life without any real direction or sense of achievement. While surfing the Nerd Fitness site, I came across this article. Dedicated to the authors “gramps”, the feelings behind the post are not relevant to anyone but the author. However, everyone can feel something when reading this.

I know that I am on my journey for my parents. My dad taught me so much about how to behave, how to succeed, and how to push yourself. My mother taught me just as much about life, emotions and how, when everything seems like it is piling up, you can still come out smelling of roses. She also had one real wish when it came to me, and that was that she wanted me to look smart in a suit and lose weight. I am trying to reach my goals in order to honour their memory, and if I can raise a pound or two for charity in their honour, all the better.

However, one of the strongest reasons that I am on this journey is because I am unfit, and that annoys me. Not because I cannot mount a flight of stairs without being out of breath, or I can only run for a minute at a time, but because there is no reason that I should not be able to succeed at this. To help me live a life worth living, I need to identify areas for improvement and improve them. Seems quite simple doesn’t it? Of course. And it is! The process for improving my life is easy, just the doing is not.

At present I have two areas for improvement. The first, as is quite evident, is my fitness. My goal is to run a 10Km on 6th November. Losing weight, improving my cardio performance and overall increasing my health is important. Secondly, my work is an area for improvement. In my job at the moment, I am classed as a “trainee”. I have attended a specific college to learn my job, and am now in a process of on-the-job training. I have 4 phase assessments in on-the-job training, and have completed one with a second next week. After these assessments is a large examination. After this, I become “qualified”. My wages go up (by over two times), my home/work balance becomes a lot better and I can effectively see that over three years of work is all worthwhile.

My investment in improvement is financially large in my work life, but emotionally large in relation to fitness. Once I have completed these targets, I will find some more. Living a life worth living is something to be proud of, something for your children to be proud of, and overall, make waking up each day a challenge to be overcome, rather than “just another day”.

How to Live a Life Worth Living | Nerd Fitness.


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