5 Crucial Mistakes Newbies Make Trying to Get Healthy | Nerd Fitness

5 Crucial Mistakes Newbies Make Trying to Get Healthy | Nerd Fitness.

Nerd fitness have published this great article for new trainees setting out on their journey to fitness and better health. Identifying where previous efforts have failed and how these can be remedied is the first step on the journey.

I know, for me, that this is 100% correct. I have historically tried various methods of improving my fitness. Many of the changes I implemented were unsustainable, and meant that I fell off the wagon very early. Iit takes about 30 days to develop and ingrain a habit, and I am pushing myself to develop healthy habits. The changes I have put in are large, don’t get me wrong, but relative to those in the past, are small.

Exchanging the chocolate bar for a banana, replacing an hour of computer with an hour in the gym… just to start with. These small changes are the key to long term success. Easy to implement but difficult to avoid.

Another important factor is educating yourself on how your fitness, weight loss, and the actions which you are implementing work. If you know that a salt excess causes dehydration and because of this, a lower fat burn, or that an increase in muscle means you burn more calories, you are on for a good start. Online communities such as Nerd Fitness and Runner’s World mean that you can easily get in touch with people trying like you are, or who have come out the other side. Staci, a Nerd Fitness success story shows just how important it is to know what you are doing.

As a new trainee you should take a look at the Nerd Fitness article, get your ideas and work out where you have fallen down in the past.


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