When is the Best Time to Run?

For anyone new to running, such as myself, finding time for a workout is a lot easier than for seasoned runners. Half hour at a time is a lot easier to wedge in before work or on the weekend. However, when workouts start getting longer and more intensive, finding quality time for yourself is more difficult. As hard as it may be, it is important to find time for exercise and find time for yourself.

Consider your composure and ability to function like a wire coat hanger. As time goes on, the pressure on you increases as more and more clothing gets added on to you. Eventually, the pressure will cause your composure to be bent, and you will be less able to support as much as before. Taking time out for yourself is vital to shake off those piles of clothing and recover. If this time is spent exercising, even better! Increasing the blood flow around your body by exercise increases calm, and the strength gained from exercise improves your strength to hold all of that weight.

Scheduling a long workout in the morning will kick start your metabolism and clear your mind for the day ahead. Afternoons are good for a harder, shorter workout. This article by Active has some good tips and links to other articles on how to find the best times for your workouts and how to get the best from them.


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