Weekly Weigh In

Weigh In

Friday 14th June 2013

Third week of weighing has shown a decrease in weight. The overall number is not as low as I would like, but I also recognise that my gym attendance has been down. Furthermore, I have not been eating particularly great as my hours have been extended in work, revising.

This notwithstanding, I do have a clear week ahead so can make a big dent in next week’s numbers.

Start Weight (Kgs) Start Weight (Lbs) Start Weight (St)
113.62 250.5 17St 12.5lbs
Current Weight (Kgs) Current Weight (Lbs) Current Weight (St)
111.13 245 17St 7lbs
-0.34 kgs
-2.49 kgs
-0.75 lbs
-5.5 lbs
-0.75 lbs
-5.5 lbs
Start Waist Start CHEST
73 cm 124 cm 117 cm
Current THIGH Current Waist Current CHeST
72 cm 126 cm 116 cm
-0 cm
-1 cm
+4 cm
+2 cm
+2 cm
-1 cm
Start BMI 36.97
Current BMI 36.15
Change -0.00

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