I Really Want to do This, but….

Scotland | Zombie Evacuation.

I know that the recent media frenzied obsession with vampires and zombies is a little over the top, and I also realise that by using the Zombies, Run! app, that I am contributing. However, I am really quite taken with this Zombie Evacuation. It is more than a race, using agility and speed bursts timed with zombie attacks.

While the premise is pretty standard, I love the idea of adding something else following a theme into a simple race. Furthermore, the survivor and infected difference at the end, deciding on what medals or T shirts you get is great.

However…. It is in October, a whole month before my target. That knocks is out of play for me. I want to focus my energy on improving for my November target, and need to stay composed to keep doing that. Also, the cost! Although early bird prices were present, it is now £42.95. That is quite a hefty chunk of cash for a jolly around some parkland.

So I will give it a miss this year, but it gives me something to aim for next year!


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