Do It Now

When embarking on a life-changing journey like me, changes to be made are numerous and often large. While I am focussing on my personal (fitness) and career development right now, I do want to eventually become a better person.

I have very often turned down offers from friends to partake in certain activities because a) I have never done them before, and b) I am quite self conscious. Why should I be? I hope that with every other change I make, my confidence will improve and I will become a more diverse person.

However, to start with, small changes need to be made. Bit of DIY needs doing, just do it. Laundry tidying? Also just do it. Things get left behind because I am generally a lazy person. However, it takes more moves to fold the laundry onto the bed, then put it away than to put it straight from the laundry bag into the drawers.

Do It Now

Those 3 words (taken from a cracking Nerd Fitness article) will help anyone get on and do what they need to. By applying these words to every part of my daily life, I hope to become a better, more well rounded individual. This is why I am trying to get workouts in before my work shifts. The earlier I get it in, the better I feel for the day, and my workout is done. Then, if I am feeling even more energetic… I can jam in another before the day is done!

Everyone has a role model, someone they look up to, for me, it is my dad. He started working at 15 and worked himself from the slums of the West Midlands in true working class to provide for his family, set up his own successful business and maintain security for all of us. However, some others may include celebrities.


Find someone who you aspire to emulate, they do not even have to be real. Video games, film characters, cartoons, comic books and even your imagination are a great place to find inspiration. Sometimes it is even better. Traditional superheroes were designed to represent all that was good about the world.



Make the changes which you want to make. Make those changes that your role model made which helped to make them great.

3 Words That You Need to Tell Yourself Daily | Nerd Fitness.


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