How on Earth am I Going to Complete a 10k?

Quite simply, I intend to complete a 10k slowly… nothing spectacular, no fireworks, to be honest, it is unlikely there will be a sprint finish. I just want to complete it. With just over 4 months to go, which is about 20 training weeks, I ~should~ be able to complete my training plan. According to my app, I have 10 weeks worth of training left. However, looking forward, I am not entirely convinced about how well that work. Ah well, I have 10 in hand to help out with the last stages, as well as help me with two work assessments and one examination.

Thinking about the last few weeks, however, I do question at what point, if any, I will consider myself a “runner”. I know people who complete marathons easily, and take great pleasure in running before and after work, with no reason to do so apart from the love. Reading the thoughts of makingthislifesweet, there are a few things which I find will keep me from becoming a runner. My reason for running right now is that it is part of my target. I want to complete a 10k. I suppose subconsciously, I do want to run, and do enjoy it, but I don’t really feel it. I run on the treadmill for practicality, but am looking forward to the time when I can get out and do what I want to do. Finally, right now, I simply feel tired when I get off the treadmill. I struggle to experience the high. I think, with time, that this may increase, but right now, I just end up spending a few hours recovering.

This notwithstanding, I will persist and I will complete my 10k. My journey to 10km faces a few milestones, one of the most important is passing through the 5km barrier. I am achieving just over 3km at the moment, and following tips and tricks from blogs and websites, I am keeping up the determination and confidence. However, suggestions online have told me that 10k is a bad idea, and should only be completed after a few solid 5k’s. I have done a 5k and a 5 mile, the concept of 6.2 miles, while clearly quite long, is still easily achievable. Why shouldn’t I push myself to get there?

Which brings me to the 10k. Training for a 5k is a lot easier, hints and tips are pedalled by charities and organisations, free of charge. However, because the distance is greater, finding an appropriate training plan to accommodate my style and lack of fitness is difficult. Training plans are present online, as well as on the app store of your mobile / mp3 player and are a little adaptable to help you along.


7 thoughts on “How on Earth am I Going to Complete a 10k?

  1. Hi Alex,
    Great blog title! I’m still sniggering.
    I think 10k is a great target for a 6 month challenge. And I don’t think you need to be a seasoned 5km campaigner to race a 10k. Sure, racing a 5k will help, but probably more in terms of learning how the logistics of race day work. Where is baggage stored, timing chip removal, the expo, after race events etc. You don’t need to run loads of races to learn this stuff, so don’t worry if you’re not going to do many (or any!) 5km races before your 10k.

    Your training is what will get you there on the day, and it sounds to me like you are doing well with that. And learning to love running? I think that will come. With your achievements and every meeting of a goal comes a sense of pride and achievement which will help you develop a positive relationship with running, whether you run once a day or once a week!

    Happy Running,

    1. Hi Bernie,

      Cheers for your comment, I am sort of au fait with race day, having done one or two in the past, but I may try to squeeze in a 5k or two beforehand to get back in the zone!

      Training is my 100% focus at the moment, and I can see progress, even more so when I see achievement over a single phase… just hard work to start off with!

  2. Hello!
    You’ll be fine! Have a look at the My Asics site, they have a free training plan for all distances, and it’s adaptable too. I did a few 10ks with a mixture of running and walking, running to each km marker then walking for 45sec.

    Don’t worry about not having run the distance before, in November the furthest I’d ever run with out stopping was 3k, then on race day I ran 9k without stopping! (Probably could’ve gotten all the way, but for a stupid hidden hill…)

    Keep going!

    1. Hey, thanks for your comment! 3k to 9k is quite a leap! My training at the moment has only been on treadmill, so hills are something I need to learn to love! I am following a time programme at the moment, but I do like the idea of distance markers, and they should keep me going when my training ramps up!

      1. Make sure you get out on the road once a week/fortnight, feels a lot different than treadmill running! Plan out a 1k or 1mile route around home if you can, that takes in a hill, then you can do laps til tired.
        Or find a hill and run up it, then jog down, and repeat!

  3. Hey Alex – thanks for the ping back!

    You know, I’ve only finished a 5K, so I think that is amazing that you are going for a 10K. I agree with your approach. Take it easy and work on finishing at a comfortable pace. If you like it, then maybe run another 10K and work on times!

    Best of luck!

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