Weight Training for Weight Loss – Part 1

While cardio may be the best for total calorie burn, weight training is the key to building muscle. Although these may seem unconnected, a small look at the way the body burns calories is important. Larger muscles equates to a larger number of cells, which means more cells for calorie burn.

By increasing muscle mass, and muscle density, you can increase, for example, per stride, the number of calories burnt. Weight training does not necessarily mean “bulking up”. This is an option for some, but others can focus on increasing the density of their muscles, increasing endurance and overall power without gaining size.

Get Smart

Learning how to effectively work your muscles for maximum efficiency and most effect is the first step in developing muscle training. Commercial gyms are full of equipment and weights, and more intimidatingly, people who appear to know what they are doing. Nerd Fitness have a vendetta against uneducated gym-goers, as this article on Commercial Gyms shows.

Taking the time to learn how to use the base equipment to the best of its ability (rather than machines) pays dividends.

However, you do not need an expensive setup to workout. Finding a good method of workout out using nothing, or very little pays dividends. Learning how to undertake a perfect pullup or a pushup are two things which help out a lot with this mission. Another great idea is to use a body weight workout which uses very little other than your own body weight. Likewise, finding out how to not suck at workouts is a good first step in setting realistic goals and developing your technique. Developing a great method for working out, knowing where you are going, what your plans are and how you are going to achieve your goals are the ultimate step one in any journey to success.

Come back tomorrow for some workout ideas, ideas on how to make your own workout and some other good tips!


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