Becoming A Comic Book Hero

Comic book heroes have it all. They have the powers, the physique, the adoring fans (usually), the girl and the moral compass to do good. Anyone can become a comic book hero, it is just a matter of finding your alter-ego.

Following the Nerd Fitness guide, I have defined myself as a hero:

Origin Story: I am an overweight 28 year old with a 3 year old son who can outrun me. This will not do.

Superpower: I will develop my hidden powers, the ability to run great distances, swim great lengths and lift great weights.

Alter-Ego: Using my name, Alex, I name myself X-Fit.

Code of Honour: I declare myself in honour of all people who have a journey to follow, a mountain to climb or anything in between. I will prove to all that it can be done!

Arch Nemesis: Still to come forward. Someone who knows me well, someone who will push me to succeed, and someone who is like me. Who will fill this vacancy?

What is your superhero story?


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