Levelling Up

Level 1

Any journey kicks off with a single step, one moment of inspiration or a solo move. Everyone starts the same way, and for anyone au fait with gaming terminology, this means beginning at level one.

Using Skyrim as an easy analogy (although most RPG’s will work), everyone begins in a village which is being attacked by a dragon, with no armour, no weapons and no idea where they are going. Ok, it may not be completely analogous to real life, but the general gist is there. We all start on our journey to success and heroism with nothing. The heroes are the ones who turn nothing into everything.

Like in a computer game, the first step is very straightforward, and is taken with tentative steps. For you, whether it is setting a baseline with weights, stepping on the scales, doing a fitness test or even just going for a walk, it is a way to set out on your heroes path.

Level Up

As time goes on, you will progress, and eventually your plans will step up a notch. Just like my journey, I have progressed from effectively strolling for thirty minutes, to running intervals. Again, just like my plans, you will level up enough times and take the step outside the secure city walls, and begin to explore the harsh wild world. When you make that step, you may feel like you have “made it”. Enjoy that feeling, you have earned it.

However, someone will come along to destroy your feelings of pride. You will meet an elite player, someone who has reached their top level, looks amazing, carries themselves with the level of pride which you can only dream of. Naturally, you will feel downhearted, you have so far to go. But look how much you can achieve! You can have the best armour, the sharpest weapons, wield the most powerful spells. Take this moment as the driver which it is meant to be, pushing you to hit your goals.

Use the elite players around you as a driver

Define what your overall goal is, then plan your path to success. Decide what your half-way point is and work to it. Find time to reward yourself with something which will keep helping you. A new set of swimwear, some new trainers, some weights for home. In any case, building up an inventory of the best kit will continue to show you what you are working for!

This blog is inspired by a post on Nerd Fitness, How to Level Up in the Game of Life


2 thoughts on “Levelling Up

  1. Great post and the analogy works a treat. It’s important to make sure that when you are confronted with people fitter, stronger or faster than you that you be inspired, not dejected. Your suggestion to look at them as an example of how far you could go is a great way to help build a positive relationship with your running.
    And yes, you’ve inspired me to get some new kit, I think I need a new pair of shoes…

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