Early Morning Motivation

There have been quite a few times over the last few weeks where I have seriously lacked motivation to get up and go. Working shifts like I do, waking up at 04:15 for a workout, or getting in the gym before a 03:30 start is difficult to say the least. However, reading this Milerunner post, it dawned on me that there is no real reason for it!

Looking at running a mile, there are distinctly more reasons to do it than not!

  • It is only a mile
  • It helps your metabolism to kick off at the start of the day
  • You don’t actually need to do it all. Try intervals, or walk it if you can’t face it
  • Make the run part of your schedule
  • Find a running buddy – if someone is relying on you, you are more likely to complete it
  • Plan to run early – It wakes you up, kicks off your day, and if you miss it, you have the rest of the day to complete it

A mile is 1.6 km, 5.280 feet, 63,360 inches, 1,760 yards. Easy isn’t it!


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