Information Overload

Since starting out on my mission, I have gathered a lot of information about running, exercise, healthy eating and numerous other bits and bobs. However, the problem is, putting them all into practice simultaneously is difficult! This post is as much for me as anyone reading. Here I will try to bring together everything which I have learned….

Starting out in Running

15 steps to kick off your running journey, or check out the FAQ‘s for some other answers! Find some of the terminology and get to know your new world.

The Importance of Friends

Friends are important to keep you committed, why not use exercise to make some new ones?

Make Your Workout Work For You

Don’t waste time in the gym, make every second count! An effective warmup can make or break your workout. How you run can make your workout more efficient and let you get the distance or time which you are looking for. Sports drinks and water both have their benefits when working out, choose the best for you. Running in the heat of summer isn’t great, so find a way to keep up your programme without too much pain!

Activate Your Superpower

Why not switch on beast mode during exercise (or any other part of your life), and always succeed! Also, find your alter ego, the superhero inside, and channel their powers!

Weight Training

By increasing muscle density you can increase calorific burn. Read my guide over two parts for a quick how to!

Exercise Soundtrack

There are many places claiming to have the perfect soundtrack – build your own! Listen to some of my own tunes or find inspiration for your own.


Earndit is a great place to earn rewards for exercise, pulling data from many different apps!

Workout Planning

Many ways to find the perfect workout! Get smart and figure out how your body works to get the most out of your workout. Find a way which you believe will help you reach your goal, and follow your own method, it will work!

Keep Your Chin Up

Remember why you want to succeed, and stick to it. Also realise that exercise helps you mentally! For those times that it seems that little bit too far, just find something which helps you out of the rut. Find the motivation to get up and out and exercise! Once you have that motivation, keep your eye on the prize and use those around you as even more stimulus to succeed. Find your own personal hero as a guide to success. Beat your own laziness, as it is easily found within all of us.

Healthy Eating

Changing the way you eat involves lots of steps, and also lots of slips. Find a way to make those changes work for you. Choose a plan and stick to it, whether it is paleo or just healthy eating, faddy diets do not work, so choose something sustainable!

Bling Hunters

Finishers medals are a huge point of contention in the running community, where do you stand?

I have posted on a few other topics, have a look around and see if there is anything which takes your fancy! If there is anything you would like me to blog on, let me know in the comments and I will do my best!


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