Why Run?

Running, for someone inherently lazy like me, is a strange beast. I seriously dislike the prospect of making myself ache, pant and sweat, all through personal choice. However, once I have started, and the prospect becomes a reality, I actually do feel a small amount of enjoyment.

The biochemistry of exercise is fascinating, and to paraphrase one of my coworkers, “the dolphins make you feel good”. They really do! The ‘runner’s high’ is another strange concept, where despite having worked hard for ‘X’ hours, despite aching, sweating, panting and being overall a smelly mess, you actually feel good! This is because of the hormonal release, endorphins, and the subconscious and conscious reactions to doing something good. Good for you, potentially good for others, giving you a clear head, winning the race against yourself, to beat your challenge. All of these make a difference in how you feel after your workout.

Endorphine Molecule
Endorphine Molecule

These are all things which I consider as I lace up my trainers. Honestly, I don’t always feel up to exercise. Maybe this should be more accurate as I don’t ~always~ feel averse to exercise. However, I know that when all is done, I will feel better, feel awake, alert and clear headed…. which makes everything worthwhile.


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