Real World Application of Exercise

It is all well and good being able to run a half marathon, or do 100 pullups, but why would you want to?

Two simple words: Zombie Apocalypse

If the film, TV and video gaming industry have taught us anything over the last few years, it is clear that either a) Film makeup has unveiled a new method of creating realistic undead, or, b) The zombie apocalypse is nigh.

How to Prepare

Every thing you do in exercising and working out is preparing for the end of humanity. First of all, learning how to exercise effectively and quickly. You may not have two hours and a well catered gym every two days for your meticulously planned workout. Find the time and find out how to workout effectively.

Secondly, speed work is important. Escaping zombies in the first few seconds is vital. The shambling hordes will not suffer fatigue, so long distance running is no longer important. However, getting away and finding safety quickly is vital. Interval training is great for this.

Running outside is also vital. You may be able to manage flat surface treadmill running easily, but unfortunately, the likelihood of being chased on a treadmill is minimal.

Get outside, practice running in places which put you out of your comfort zone. Learning a bit of parkour will open up your horizons and add to your workout regime.

Get a team of buddies to support each other. By pushing each other to succeed, you can improve your fitness as a group, and survive well in the case of the apocalypse.

Meal planning is another vital aspect. Being able to prepare nutritious meals quickly and easily is a vital skill both before and after the apocalypse. You can increase your health now, and maintain that after the fall of the human race without any real issues.

Get preparing, the apocalypse is coming….

This post was inspired by Nerd Fitness: How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse


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