Quick Update

Time for a quick update on my own training as it seems like a while since I managed to.

Last night, first night shift of my cycle, got in to work early and got to know the free weights. I am au fait with the weight machines, both in work and Bannatynes, but have always been a little bit afraid of messing around with the big boy toys. As it was nice and quiet (private gym, anyone?), I took a little time, and spent the lion’s share of my workout on weights. Don’t get me wrong, I still did a fair bit on the machines, but this was more to ensure that I didn’t miss anything out, as my knowledge of free weights is poor.

I also managed to set my benchmark for each of the exercises, giving myself something to aim for each time.

I warmed up, got my weights on, and warmed down on the step machine, before stretching out. Today… I hurt. Legs, which until now, I have classed as being stupidly strong due to carrying my excess-ness, hurt the most. Maybe the squats managed to do something! Shoulders, back and arms ache. The only parts which really got away with it were my chest and stomach. So that tells me where I need to work harder on!

I know it seems counter-intuitive for a guy who has a distance to run in November to focus on weight training rather than running. However, I personally feel that my biggest barrier to success on the track is my weight. If I can lose that, things will become quickly more straightforward, and I can actually enjoy my running workouts. Also, my legs will become a lot stronger due to deadlifting, and with stronger upper body I will encounter less fatigue from arm movements while running.

So win-win! I can lose weight faster (with a big change to my diet), build up strength and increase my chances of success! I have no plans to ditch the running workouts completely (after all, it is what I am working towards!), but I may increase my High Intensity Interval Training to work on speed.


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