Comparisons With Others

For anyone who is trying to make a change, whether it is financial, social, physical, or in my case, fitness related – it is easy to draw comparisons to others around you who may appear to have it all.

I can identify a few of my friends, both male and female, who seem to be able to eat whatever they like, do no exercise and maintain a slim, defined body shape. However… How do I know what they eat outside of the one meal a day which I am with them for? Or how about what exercise they do? I don’t. Yes, they may be fortunate to have perfect genetics, but in all likelihood there are other things which they do which help them along.

Nerd Fitness has a few success stories on its pages, which are great drives to succeed, but also aid in the comparison drawing. Rather than draw a comparison with Gerard Butler in 300, why not compare with that guy in the same job who still maintains a solid workout schedule. And while you are at it, ask him for tips on how to succeed yourself!

It is vital to not let your head dip when comparing yourself to others. There are benefits, such as guiding your progress or finding out tips to succeed, but always remember that you are you, and only you. Regardless of how much you whine about how lucky others are, you cannot change your genetics, and need to make the best of what you have.

The best comparison to make is against yourself. Compare your present level against that of a day before, a week before or even a year before. Realise how far you have gone and how much closer to your goal you are.


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