Strength Training for Running

Since stepping off the treadmill and shifting my focus to weight training, a few people have asked me why, when I am training for a 10k? It does seem a little counter-intuitive, but logically, there are a few things to bear in mind. have a few reasons, which range from better overall body strength, more resilient hamstrings, better posture giving higher speeds, and faster and longer runs due to strong thighs.

I have added my own bits onto that as well. I am not currently limited by my ability to run, but in fact, by my level of fitness overall. My heart and lungs are not able to keep up with a long cardio workout, and my weight makes it difficult either way. However, I can build my fitness, burn calories and work up a good sweat with weight work. Rather than failing to achieve with cardio, I can continue to improve with weights, then, with a combination of strength training and diet control, I can confidently lace up my running shoes.

Here is the hope that when that time comes, that I can make a much better dent running than when I last left off.


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