How to Stay on the Wagon While Travelling

Sticking to your workout and maintaining your healthy eating plan while travelling is extremely difficult. Whether it is travelling for work or pleasure, a trip is no reason to allow all of your hard work to spiral down the drain.

Hotel Stay

Staying in a hotel, particularly on a packed business trip, seems on the surface, to be one of the more difficult situations. However, it is actually quite straightforward. Primarily, the selection of hotel is the first step you can take in  helping yourself. Given the opportunity, select a hotel with a gym or a pool. Obviously the benefit of having these on site do not need to be stated. The second thing to look for is a set of shops, or a restaurant on site, or very close. This means that resorting to fast food becomes less likely, and smart choices when looking at food. The other thing worth considering is if neither of these are available, the room setup and layout. Does the room have facilities to make up your own meals? Does it have space for you to workout in the room? If the space is plentiful, consider the 20 Minute Hotel Room Workout or even the Beginner Body Weight Workout from Nerd Fitness.


If you are not staying in a hotel, or if you are, choose a location with somewhere nearby where you can exercise. Whether it is a beach, parkland or simply a barren wasteland, you can find the chance to take your workout outdoors. As well as keeping you fit, you can explore the area, find areas of interest, in particular good restaurants which may be great for your food plan!If running is not your bag, consider either of the workouts above, or work out like the caped crusader! If you visit the same area regularly, find running groups which will accept ad-hoc members, or find a regular fun run in the area. Apps such as Endomondo have many mapped runs in the area, or if you don’t want to join, sites such as WalkJogRun have local routes planned out by users.

Finding the Time

If your schedule doesn’t lend itself to a long run outdoors, consider high intensity intervals, or wake up an hour early to get a good effort in. The odd hours of working away or being on holiday mean that finding the time is difficult, but far from impossible. Consider yourself a shift worker or even readdress your priorities to find the time to workout.

What Else Can I Do?

Runner’s World has a handy article containing a few more tips. When travelling, wear comfortable clothing, and walk wherever you can. Walk the terminals at the airport, pace the platform at the train station, walk to the furthest taxi rank. These little bits can make all the difference, and will also help to stave off the lethargy of travelling.

The key to remaining on the wagon while travelling is to minimise the damage done. It is very difficult to be out of your schedule, out of your home and out of your routine and still maintain focus. However, you can take steps to keep yourself active, even if it is not perfect.


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