Recovery Process

Three days ago I did another weights only workout. This, was generally regarded as “A Bad Thing”.

Despite my legs, stomach, back, shoulders, neck, toes, fingers and knees all feeling fine, my triceps, on both arms hurt… a lot. Whether this was down to the weights, or swimming after, I don’t know. All I know is that heavy things, high things or strange reaching positions have been off the menu for a few days.

The recovery is not easy, and I have rested as much as I can, but I have added a few low intensity exercises to keep the bloodflow up to try to improve the recovery.

This notwithstanding, I am getting back on it tomorrow, before my night shift. My masterplan (yes, another one!) is to get on the treadmill, run as far as I can (probably a little slower than usual), and see what my benchmark is as the moment. I am still aiming for my 10k in November, and need to take stock to see where I am.

The night shift following, everything should be nicely loosened up for another weights workout. Following a combination of exercises from Nerd Fitness and other sites, I am working on a combination of bodyweight exercises and free weights, with a machine or two dropped in. As I can keep the weights going a little longer than running, I can burn more calories that way, and maintain the burn a lot longer after leaving the gym than any treadmill session. Plus, the secondary objective of having a decent body shape is helped along by muscle building!

So that is my plan for the next few days, as well as designing a proper weights workout plan, for my work gym and Bannatynes. Also, I plan to design a meal plan for the next two weeks, which ticks the boxes of being super healthy and pretty cheap!


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