After yesterday’s post on recovery, I did exactly what I intended to last night. Went into the gym, did a short walking warmup, ran for as long as I could without stopping, then alternated walking and running for a little longer. I ended up running for 12 minutes, which was more than I thought I could do. I did 20 minutes total on the first hit, then climbed stairs for 10 minutes, then back on the treadmill to work off the pain in my quads!

I was quite pleased with what I managed, after not doing cardio for a while. Plus, it gives me a great benchmark to measure my performance. I can now assess average speed and longest time running, both good for my target of 10k!

The cardio also helped with my muscle recovery in my arms. As I predicted, blood flow increased, and today my arms feel as good as new! That leaves me open for a good all-over weights workout tonight. Hopefully, the recovery is a little easier than last time, as I would like to spend a little more time working out per week in the future.

My loose plans for the end of the week and the weekend involve taking to the streets running, swimming and another weights workout…. here’s hoping!


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