Becoming A Runner

It may appear that over the last few weeks, I have ‘lost my way’ in regards to running. This is partially correct. I have found myself feeling a lot more “satisfied” from weights workouts, whereas my running workouts are often cut short by my lack of fitness.

I have found I can go for longer weight training, build up the same energy and see more progress. Conversely, while running, I don’t know whether this is because I am currently treadmill training, but I find myself bored quickly, clock watching and annoyed at my body’s inability to do what I want it to do.

This is why I am aiming to take my running outdoors over the next week. The difference in environment, the obstacles, undulating terrain and fresh air should definitely help in making it a lot more enjoyable. Reading this POP Sugar article, there are a few points to help enjoy running, which I actually want to do! Fuelling, hydrating, being realistic and being entertained all take away aspects which can harm enjoyment. I can manage these quite well, especially the entertainment side, with my meticulously selected playlist in combination with Zombies! Run!

I hope I can enjoy running, I really want to.


One thought on “Becoming A Runner

  1. Outdoor running beats a treadmill any day! …and the zombies are kinda fun too:)

    I also gravitated towards weights (for many years) because I didn’t like the discomfort assocaited with learning to run. Stick with it. You’ll hit that magical day where it actually starts to feel good. I promise:)

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