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I am an English chap living in Scotland. I live with my fiancee and son. I sometimes write things on the internet.

Ch. Ch. Ch. Changes

Since last year, when I spent a lot of time on my fitness, and this blog, a lot has changed.

I did not reach my original target of the 10km Mo-Running

I did not reach my goal weight

I did not keep up with healthy eating or exercise, despite me knowing how much better it was for me.

I did complete my training in work. After three years of hard, hard work, I finally managed to tick that off.

I did have yet another dawning realisation that I need to do something about my health.

I did join up with some of the guys from work in a year-long bet based on percentage weight loss.

I did, on a strange night shift, sign up to run Troon 10k, based on no exercise or even desire to do so.

So that is where we are! I have a lot to do, a lot of life to sort out and a lot of metres to run to get myself into the state I want to be! Anybody with me?



My failure to kick back off my regime is extremely obvious.

All of my work last year has to be re-achieved now, after a highly indulgent Christmas, New Year and start to 2014! I have left it a little late, as illness and overtime in work have delayed my restart at the gym. However, I now feel fighting fit and ready to start, so have renewed my membership to my work gym, filled the cupboards with healthy food, and am ready to go!

Back From Retirement

I know it has been a long time since I last posted.

However, I do have a good reason! Since my last post, I have spent pretty much my entire waking life revising for my final qualification at work. I have succeeded in this, and can now spend a little more time relaxing and sorting myself out!

I have set myself back up, got into the mindset and have also taken time to rejoin Weight Watchers. While healthy eating is common sense, having the requirement to track each week and to write down everything I eat does make a difference! I have seen results before on WW, so hope they can help me again!