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Monthly Summary – May

How Did I Get On?

After waiting extremely late in the day to kick off my fitness regime, I think May has gone reasonably well! I have managed to set up a good schedule, stick to it (relatively) and made real progress with my targets! It is too soon to tell whether I will be ready for the 10km in November, but I am working hard! The last few days of May were a bit of a waste, but I did manage to get a few km in walking briskly. Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to get to the gym, my rest days from work do not seem to be conducive to that!



Total Distance 13.10km
Total Time 123.00 mins
Total Calories 2085kCal


Total Distance 2.70km
Total Time 91.00 mins
Total Calories 1590kCal

Weight Loss

Start Weight (Kgs) Start Weight (Lbs) Start Weight (St)
113.62 250.5 17St 12.5lbs
Current Weight (Kgs) Current Weight (Lbs) Current Weight (St)
112.26 247.5 17St 9.5lbs
-1.36 kgs -3 lbs -3 lbs
Start Chest Start Waist Start Thigh
73 cm 124 cm 117 cm
Current Chest Current Waist Current Thigh
73 cm 123 cm 114 cm
0.00 -1 cm -3 cm
Start BMI 36.97
Current BMI 36.45
Change -0.52