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Back From Retirement

I know it has been a long time since I last posted.

However, I do have a good reason! Since my last post, I have spent pretty much my entire waking life revising for my final qualification at work. I have succeeded in this, and can now spend a little more time relaxing and sorting myself out!

I have set myself back up, got into the mindset and have also taken time to rejoin Weight Watchers. While healthy eating is common sense, having the requirement to track each week and to write down everything I eat does make a difference! I have seen results before on WW, so hope they can help me again!


Chill Out!

This fitness lark is stressful. As much as people will scream and shout that exercise calms you down, being physically fit improves mental fitness, and that it is easy “when you know how”, it isn’t…. let me make myself clear.

For me, and I am sure many others, there are a number of thoughts which go through my head in the process of trying to get fit.

“What sort of workout should I do?”
“What food plan should I follow?”
“Am I doing enough?”
“Should I do more and risk injury or keep myself fresh?”
“Why aren’t I seeing results?”
“Do I workout before or after work?”
“Have I got all of my gear to go straight from work?”
“What else can I do to make a difference?”
“Why do my calves/ribs/shoulders/knees/toes hurt?”

Will I be good enough standard for xxx date?”
“Should I spend less time doing xxx when I could be yyy?”

I could go on…. but I am not planning to. There are many more thoughts which I go through on a weekly basis.

Well, I did. Until I decided to buck up, shut up, and get on with it.

I know that if I read everything there is to read, follow everyone’s advice and eat what I am told to by everybody, I will go slightly mad and lose the will to continue.

With this in mind, I have taken the following steps:

~ Started eating healthily. Simple enough, cut out a lot of the rubbish, replaced with fruit / veg.
~ Chosen a workout plan which suits me. Alternating weights & cardio, fitting in swimming where I can.

~ Taken photos of myself & halted the weighing. It is quite easy to become obsessed with numbers, facts & figures. How I feel and look is a lot more important than what the scales say. With this in mind, my results are how much *more* I can lift, run, jump, swim; and how I look is the most important.

~ Stopped stressing – Sometimes I need to accept that I will not eat perfectly. Other times I need to acknowledge that I will miss a workout, am a little too tired to push myself to the peak or as a result of this, I will not see results as quickly as I would like.

If I don’t make my November target, so what?! I would like to, and am aiming to do so, but if my progress is insufficient to do so, then I would much prefer a sustainable fitness gain that something I may lose interest in after hitting my goal. Take tomorrow for example, my son’s 4th birthday. It will involve cake, McDonalds and no doubt ice cream… and so what! I will take a day, enjoy my day, but come Sunday I will get back on it (plans to rearrange the bedrooms – lifting, carrying, moving etc – in this heat!) then back to the gym when I am back at work.

Becoming A Runner

It may appear that over the last few weeks, I have ‘lost my way’ in regards to running. This is partially correct. I have found myself feeling a lot more “satisfied” from weights workouts, whereas my running workouts are often cut short by my lack of fitness.

I have found I can go for longer weight training, build up the same energy and see more progress. Conversely, while running, I don’t know whether this is because I am currently treadmill training, but I find myself bored quickly, clock watching and annoyed at my body’s inability to do what I want it to do.

This is why I am aiming to take my running outdoors over the next week. The difference in environment, the obstacles, undulating terrain and fresh air should definitely help in making it a lot more enjoyable. Reading this POP Sugar article, there are a few points to help enjoy running, which I actually want to do! Fuelling, hydrating, being realistic and being entertained all take away aspects which can harm enjoyment. I can manage these quite well, especially the entertainment side, with my meticulously selected playlist in combination with Zombies! Run!

I hope I can enjoy running, I really want to.